Since their inception, the Funny Car has become one of motorsports most recognizable forms of racing. These ground pounding, fire-breathing, tire smoking, art forms bring crowds to the racetrack, fans to their feet and make track promoters smile from coast to coast. Funny Cars shake, rattle and occasionally can "punt" a timing block with the efficiency of any professional placekicker.

The Northwest BB/FC Association is no exception to the rule. Founded in 2008 the Association began to run as a group in the late Spring of 2009. Membership has since doubled from it's original seven members. Since 2009, the Northwest BB/FC Association membership has represented the Association as far north as Canada, as far east as Kentucky and as far south as Bakersfield, California: Following one primary objective and philosophy "It's a show, so let's put on a Show"!

The Rules are simple:
1. Put on a Show
2. Make every fan feel important
3. Run on a 6.75 Tuning Target
4. Run a 1965 - 1980 Body Style (Other body style/year allowed with group approval)
5. Run any Motor/Transmission combo
6. Run a Roots-type Blower
7. NO Delay Boxes, Data Recorders only; NO electronic control of Fuel System, Ignition, Clutch.

Since its inception in 2008, the Northwest BB/FC Association has held true to its original philosophy - "it is a show!". With its membership working very hard to consistently present beautiful, high performing funny cars the Association has opened up new markets in Idaho, Oregon and California.

The format is simple, all cars race two rounds in a "Chicago" match race and the two cars closest to the 6.75 index race in the final.

Call them what you want, Floppers, Fuel Coupes, Plastic Fantastic, Funny Cars are crowd-pleasing showstoppers. Six years running and the Northwest BB/FC Association is stronger than ever and ready to race.

Click below for Points file (Adobe PDF)
2014 Final Points Standings

Congratulations to 2014 NWBBFC Champion!!
Kim Parker - Hell On Wheels

2015 Schedule

June 6-7

June 19-20

July 10-11

July 25-26

July 31-Aug. 1

August 14-15

August 29-30


*Woodburn Dragstrip
Woodburn, Oregon

*Firebird Raceway
Boise, Idaho

*Spokane County Raceway
Airway Heights, Washington

*Mission Raceway
Mission, BC, Canada

**Woodburn Dragstrip
Woodburn, Oregon

*Spokane County Raceway
Airway Heights, Washington

*Woodburn Dragstrip
Woodburn, Oregon

* - Points Race
** - Double Points Race

Booking/Contact Information
Randy Parker 253-840-2810

Don Harter 509-670-2362

Royce Taylor 509-595-7135

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